A Family Business


Adelaide Hills Dentures is a business that is owned, and has been operated in the Adelaide Hills by the Spencer family since 1985.

Neville and Joseph Spencer take great pride in their work. Their belief is that “word of mouth” is their best asset. The Spencers have been in the profession, offering a caring and attentive service for three generations.

Harry Spencer, Neville’s father, started as a dental technician in his youth. He was very innovative, and started his own range of individual denture teeth. Neville could tell you of his early days working with his father; apparently Harry was very specific in his techniques!

Neville and Frances Spencer opened their first Denture Clinic in Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills in 1984 after Neville had graduated as a “clinical dental technician”. In 1994 they opened a branch in Tanunda, in the Barossa Valley.

Joseph then became involved in 1999, at this time they started offering a service in Murray Bridge, based at the hospital. The Spencers relocated their main practice to Mt. Barker in 2002.

Neville often says “I have taught Joseph everything I know, and a few things I am not quite sure of”!

Over the years the Spencers have also serviced Kangaroo Island and Karoonda.

In 2012 Neville and Frances began the first steps of moving into semi-retirement with Neville spending 1 half day a week at Mt Barker and keeping the Tanunda Clinic 2 days a week.

Joseph and his wife Rebecca are now running the business. With three little hopefuls who may one day continue the family tradition in the industry! At this stage they wish to be a “Pilot”, a famous “Enduro motorcycle racer”, and a “Ballerina”. But there is still hope…

Currently if you phone, or come to see us, most likely you will meet a smiling Faith Sachse at the front desk. She looks after the reception and generally keeps the place running! She will try to answer any of your questions, and provide you with information about what we can do for you. She will then help you with your appointment, and you will see one of our practitioners –

Joseph Spencer at Mt Barker, Murray Bridge, or

Mathew Lundberg at Mt Barker.

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